Fitness Boredom- How to avoid it

It is a brand new year and you make a resolution to workout more and to get in shape.  You start strong for the first few weeks.  Working out everyday and watching what you eat.  Then the excuses start.  I have had a long day, I will workout tomorrow.  I’m sore from yesterday’s workout.  I don’t have time today.  These excuses end up throwing your resolution right out the window.  So why do we let this happen?  In my case it’s because I get bored (which for me happens way to much and way to easily).

Over the course I have started many different workout plans.  Anything from 30 day challenges, workout videos, classes offered throughout the area, etc.  Typically when I start a new program I go strong for a couple of weeks but then I fizzle out.  I get bored and lose my motivation.  The only thing I am consistent with is taking a walk on my lunch break(when the weather permits).  So how do I keep myself from getting bored with my workouts.

I’m not the type of person to spend a ton of money on a gym membership ( I’m a cheap skate).  I have tools at home that I can use to get my workouts in.  Plus I would rather workout in the comfort of my own home or outside when I can.  I have worked out with my cousin( long distance).  Ok so it’s not together but we would keep each other accountable, but then we both got so busy that it feel threw.

So here is my plan.  I am going to do a different workout program every month.  I am going to do anything from dancing, strength, a running program, yoga, kickboxing, etc.  At the beginning and end of each month I will log my measurements ( I don’t know if I will post them yet).  I will then blog about them, What did I like, what didn’t I like and how effective was the workout.  I am hoping by doing this it will help me achieve two things- 1. It will get me out of my workout rut, and 2. Will help me form a habit, I mean they do say it take 3 weeks to start a habit so here is to hoping.  Stay tuned for my first months workout.

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