Accountability- How does one hold themselves Accountable

This post is going to be accountability and how we can hold ourselves accountable in our everyday lives.  Accountability as defined in the Merriam-webster dictionary

“is an obligation or willingness to take responsibility for ones actions.”

  In our everyday lives we all have a number of responsibilities and tasks we must complete both personally and professionally.  Somedays the day just gets away from us and it can be not only difficult but stressful to get it all done in one day.  At home we have to deal with interruptions from family and at work it could be interruptions from customers or coworkers.  So how can we make sure we hold ourselves accountable for everything we have to do in a day.

Everyday I struggle with trying to get everything done in a day.  Not only that I have a hard time trying to fit in daily exercise.  I have tried several techniques to be accountable.  I have written to do lists, normally it works for a few days and then it fizzles.  I have tried working with a friend working to hold each other accountable, but let’s face it if you can’t take responsibility for yourself how is anyone else going to do that.

So one way I think we can hold ourselves accountable is by visualizing the outcome we hope for.  Also I think we need to break down our long term goals into smaller tasks.  I think what holds a lot of us back is trying to do too much at once.  Don’t get me wrong there are certain things that we need to make sure gets done in a timely matter, but something’s don’t happen over night and we have to remember that.  As they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Some of my goals are to 1. Workout everyday(hopefully in morning).  I hope that this will give me more energy throughout the day.   2. I have done a few 5ks in recent years and I can never seem to break the 40 minute mark.  I am running a 5k in July and I am determined to get in under 40 min.  3. I am in the progress of learning programming.  I am hoping that this will help me find a new career path and passion that will have a positive impact on my life and my husband’s.

Stay tuned to see how I do with keeping myself accountable and if I achieve my goals.  I do want to leave you with this quote I found online from Les Brown:

“Accept responsibility for your life.  Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no-one else.”

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