Frameworks….what is with all the frameworks

Frameworks, there seems to be so many out there today. You have bootstrap, semantic, materialize for CSS; Vue, react , angular for JavaScript. There are many more frameworks out there but these are probably the most popular. Developers use these frameworks because it make designing a site or developing an app much quicker than doing it yourself. They take the guess work out of design. If everyone is using these frameworks then how does one create something unique.

I’m not bashing frameworks at all. I have used several in my short time as a developer and I do find them useful. Most developers use frameworks to make quick work of website development but are they really the best option. I think k it depends on the person and the situation they are facing. If every developer used frameworks I think a lot of sites would look alike , maybe not totally but there would be enough similarities. However, if you are designing for a client and are in a time crunch frameworks are a great option.

What if you have no time constraints and you are given free reign of a design. Would you still use frameworks. Me personally….no. There is so much to be said knowing you designed something completely on your own from start to finish. Not only does it allow you to think logically to try to solve an issue during the development process but it gives you 100 percent creative freedom to what is actually displayed. With frameworks things such as layouts or the functioning of a data table are already played out for you. Where as if you work on it 100 percent by yourself you have to play trial and error to get the look you want or the functionality you desire. In my opinion this provides more of a learning opportunity than copy and pasting code someone else has created. I believe in learning by doing. This is how I have always learned best.

Again I am not putting down frameworks. They are great tools in development, but to me it doesn’t come close to being able to say I created this site/app 100 percent on my own. Whatever way it is you want to design and develop make sure it is a way you feel passionate about. If you want to use frameworks or design it on your own more power to you. Just don’t let anyone influence your choice. Everyone has an opinion of their own, and that’s what makes us all unique.

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