Like riding a bike

So I haven’t coded anything in a couple weeks because I have been so overwhelmed with other aspects of my life that I had going on. So this week being on vacation I was able to get back into it. The last month before my two weeks off I was starting to get into vue and vuetify; so I haven’t wrote any HTML or CSS in a while. My husband and I wanted to create a platform for us to get our files in order and a space for collaboration. So he has Bern working on the backend and I was tasked with creating the layout for the site.

Since I haven’t coded this way in a while and still being a newbie I was worried I was going to need to do a lot of research. However; once I started to code it all came back to me. It was like riding a bike; once you know how to do it you never forget.

I did have to look up some stuff such as CSS grid(which is awesome) but for the most part I figured it all out pretty quickly. I will do a separate post about grid but the thing I love about it is the fact that you just have to change a couple of elements in your CSS to completely move components around a page. It felt really good to get back into it. There is so much we need to do I needed a push to get it done.

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