Where do I start?

Now that I decided to embark on this new path that some people have spent years studying and perfecting; where do I start?  I read a beginners book on Html and CSS but that’s only one part of my learning process.  I have always been the type of person who learns best by doing.  In any career/job that I have ever had I grasp the fundamentals best by performing the task myself.  So I started scouring the internet for tutorials, online classes, or anything else I could find to give me the fundamentals and help me improve my new skills.  Believe me when I tell you there were many nights of frustration and tears thinking I was never going to be able to do this or thinking that I was biting off more than I can chew.  Throughout it all I had my amazing husband there to help me and encourage me that I could.

One day  in March I decided to sign up for a course on Udemy called “The Complete Web Developer in 2018: Zero to Mastery.  The course takes you through all the aspects that a developer should have a grasp of in 2018.  The course starts off by taking you through the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.  By the time I signed up for the course I had a pretty good understanding of both concepts, but it is never a bad thing to refresh.

The first project we completed in the course (which i completed in April) was creating a robot that moved.  We had to lay out the structure of our robot using HTML.  CSS is where we styled our robot and gave it movement to really give it a personality all of its own.  I am not going into detail here on how I made the robot.  However; I do have a basic tutorial on my robots creation on https://blog.trinixcs.com.

Now that I have a good foundation with HTML and CSS, my next step is learning JavaScript.  This is going to be challenging but I think I am up for it.

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