Finding Balance

Every week I am going to do a post about my journey to improving my health and being more confident in myself.  This is something I have struggled with for years.  I start a workout program, am consistent with it for a couple weeks, and then something comes up and I stop.  I think my biggest problem is balancing my life.  So that’s the topic for this week.

We all lead busy lives.  We go to work 5 or more days for 8 hours days, and then we need to come home and take care of our families.  We cook dinner, make sure the house is clean, and if you have kids taking them to their activities.  In my case I don’t have kids but after I go to work all day, make dinner and clean up, I go work in the office for a couple hours to work on my education and projects my husband and I are doing to launch our software company.  By the time I get everything done its 10 o’clock at night and I have had no time to work out or do a hobby that I enjoy.  I have always liked to do crafts and would like to get back into it as a creative outlet.

How does one find a balance between taking care of everyone in their lives and taking care of themselves?  I keep telling myself “Oh I will get up early and get a 30 min. workout in before work”.  Then my alarm goes off and I either reset it or hit the snooze and I don’t get my workout in.  I try to walk on my lunch break at work when I can, but I live in Western New York and the weather can be summer one day and winter the next; so it is very difficult to know if I am going to be able to get it in.

So here is my plan.  I am going to force myself to get up in the morning (even if I don’t want to or am absolutely exhausted) to get in a 30 minute workout.  That way when I get home from work I can focus on taking care of the things I need to at home and in our office trying to get our new business endeavor going.  Then right before bed I am going to spend a little time working on my crafts.

One thing I think we all need to realize is that if we don’t take care of ourselves in body, mind, and spirit; how are we expect ourselves to be able to take care of everyone in our lives that is important to us.  I don’t look at taking care of ourselves as being selfish, I think it’s selfless.  Remember it is ok to think of yourself; just find your balance.

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