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Within the last year I began a new journey, a journey into web development and programming. I never saw myself or considered myself a developer. As I child the only time I used a computer was in school and when we did get a computer at home it was used to type reports for school or to play solitaire. When I was in college I did take a course on using office but still would not call myself a computer expert.   It wasn’t until I meet my wonderful husband that I started getting more familiar with the inner workings of a computer. However; I still never saw myself as a programmer. When my husband would show me stuff he was working on be it a website or a possible idea for a computer game and I was looking at the code, I thought it was all gibberish. Then came a “serious” of events in 2017 that changed all that.
2017 was a year of change not only for me but for my loving, hardworking husband. After 15 years of working in the carpet cleaning industry it was time to hang up the wand. What now? My husband has always had a passion and desire to have a career as a software developer and to create his own game. I have never done any programming and had no idea how I was going to help him. He love working together and I wanted to continue doing that. We purchased a book off Amazon on Html and Css which was a very interactive book. One night I decided to pick up the book and started reading it and doing the examples at the end of each chapter. I read the entire book and became hooked. I was amazed at what you could do and what you could make by just entering some specific lines of code.
From that moment on I began watching tutorials, signing up for free classes and anything else I could find to improve my skills. I never thought at 36 I would be embarking on a new career path like this. Most programmers start when they are in their 20s. Change is a scary thing, but it is also a part of life. I have never been one to embrace change. I have always been the type of person who get complacent. While I’m scared I know that what we are embarking on is going to be what’s best for me and my husband.
I want to keep this post short. Through out this blog I’m going to talk about my journey not only at becoming a developer but also my journey to health and self confidence(both of which I have struggled with for years). I’m going to talk about my triumphs, my failures, and frustrations on this new journey I am embarking on.
Stay tuned. There is much more to come.

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